Stetson and Resistol Fur Felt Cowboy Hats

Today the Stetson and Resistol hat factories are operated under the Hatco, Inc. umbrella in Garland, Texas. The combined  factories are one of the largest in the country and produce a line of hats under each name in hundreds of different styles and colors. However, classic styling and premium quality remain as the driving forces behind each and every hat produced.

History of Stetson Hats...

In 1865, with $100, John B. Stetson rented a small room, bought the tools he needed and $10 worth of fur and the John B. Stetson Hat Company was born. A year later the "Hat of the West" or the now famous "Boss of the Plains" hat was born and the name Stetson was on its way to becoming the mark of quality, durability, innovation and beauty.  Today, Stetson hats are the most well known hats in the world. Wherever and whenever hats are discussed Stetson will be mentioned.

History of Resistol Hats...

In the early 1920's a young millionaire, E.R. Byer sold his business in Michigan and traveled South to start a new business. He invested in a business run by a brilliant young hat maker, Harry Rolnick, who was operating a small hat factory.  E.R. Byer was one of Rolnick's customers and was so impressed by his professionalism, flair for fashion and devotion to quality that in 1927 the firm of Byer-Rolnick was founded in Dallas, Texas. The company produced men's felt hats in Western and Dress stylings and both were marketed under the newly created brand name "Resistol Hats," meaning to resist- all weather.  Demand for Resistol hats continued and today as a part of Hatco, Inc. all phases of production are still operated and controlled to ensure product of the highest quality.

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