Hat Related Frequently Asked Questions

Hat Revovations1. How do I know what style looks good on me?

Generally speaking, the dimensions of the hat should fit the person. Looking in the mirror with the hat on - using the brim as a dividing line - there should be as much hat above the brim as there is face below it. The width of the brim should be narrower than your shoulder width.

2. Where do I wear the hat on my head?

The angle of the hat on your head is as personal as your handwriting. If you've never worn a hat before & I handed you three different styles to try, you would unerringly place each hat in the same position on your head. We call this your "hat signature".

3. How do I tell the front of the hat from the back?

Inside most hats there is a small white bow. The bow always goes in the back when the hat is on your head.

4. How should my hat fit?

It should be comfortable; never headache tight. Hats always shrink over time. They do not stretch. Always start out a bit big, not small.

5. How do I set my hat down when not wearing it?

The correct way to set your hat is upside-down. The curve of the sides and the dip in the brim will be preserved.

6. How do I handle my hat?

Pick your hat up by the brim. Put one hand on the front of the brim & the other on the back. Gently, place in position on your head. Reach in to the "Break" (the right angle where the crown & brim meet) to adjust and "settle" the hat. Remove your hat the same way.

7. What do the X's mean inside some hats?

For generations, X's have indicated quality. The more X's the better the quality & the higher the price.

8. Why do some hats look the same as others but cost so much more?

The quality of the material makes the difference. Quality is directly related to toughness & weatherability. A good hat can be worn out in the rain in place of an umbrella. You won't get wet and the hat won't lose shape. Let a wet hat dry normally. Quality hats can withstand much wear & tear.

9. How long will my hat last?

Straw hats, cloth hats, leather & wool hats are meant to be replaced annually or every few years if worn on a daily basis. High quality felt hats properly cared for can last for many many years.

10. How often should I have my hat cleaned?

Only some hats can be cleaned. Structured cloth hats, straw & leather cannot be successfully cleaned. They are meant to be replaced periodically. Better felt hats should be cleaned "as needed".