Gift Certificates

The Perfect Christmas Gift!
A Fantastic Birthday Present!
A Great Gift Anytime for Anyone!

Hats make great giftsGive someone a great hat as a birthday present, holiday gift, corporate giveaway or for any reason under the sun. Gift certificates are easy to purchase, and easy to use. Below are some policies and information on gift certificates.

1. Gift certificates are available online or at any one of our stores. Gift certificates purchased online can be used on our website and in our stores. Gift certificates purchased in our stores cannot be used through our website and must be redeemed in person.

2. To purchase a gift certificate on our website, simply choose your dollar amount and go through the easy checkout process.

3. The gift certificate will be sent via email to you and the gift recipient. The email will contain your purchase information with a unique gift certificate code.

4. To redeem a gift certificate online: The person using the gift certificate will simply enter their unique gift certificate code during checkout. The dollar amount will be deducted from the purchase price. If the entire amount of the gift certificate is not used immediately, the remaining balance will remain. So the next time you shop, you can use that remaining balance.

5: To redeem a gift certificate in our stores: If purchased online, bring in a printed copy of your email gift certificate notification with you when you visit. We will verify the gift certificate balance during checkout and apply it to your purchase. If purchased through our store, just bring that with you when you shop.

6. To purchase your gift certificate, click here.

7. No refunds are given on gift certificates. Gift certificates are transferable and don't have to be used immediately.

We are here to serve you. If you have any questions about gift certificates, or about anything else in our store, please feel free to contact us.