Hat Renovations & Repair

Hat renovations and hat repair - not many hat shops in the country do this. We do, and we're very good.

We are an approved renovator for Stetson, Resistol, Charlie 1-Horse, and Dobbs.

We clean and fix hats for insurance claims, museums, other retailers, groups like the Shriners, members of SASS and equally important everyday folks.

Hat Repair Before
Before Cowboy Hat Repair
Hat Repair - Before
After Cowboy Hat Repair

Each hat renovation inquiry will be handled individually. We have cleaned, blocked and worked on thousands of hats. Before we can quote a price on any work we must see the item. Usually prices run from $25-$175 per item.

Fedora hat renovation before
Before Fedora Hat Repair
Fedora after hat repair
After Fedora Hat Repair


Only some hats can be cleaned. Structured cloth hats, most ball caps, straw and leather cannot be successfully cleaned. They are meant to be replaced periodically. Better felt hats should be cleaned "as needed".

How To Proceed In Getting Your Hat Cleaned

Please send us your hat and we will look it over and call you to discuss options and recommendations on an individual basis. Prices may range from $25 to $175 per item. To get an accurate estimate, we need to see the hat in person. However, we can give you some idea of cost if you email photos of your hat from both the topside and underside of the hat.